Gx160 honda engine price

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Contact Supplier. CN Usr Industries Co.The 5. You may be able to get this particular engine with a recoil or electric starter. Honda engines are known for their reliability, and this product is no different. From the customer service representative who answered my questions, to the delivery everything was handled amazingly.

These engines are well worth the price, easy start and long running. Hope it does a great job for you - thanks for shopping with us! Honda GX 5. Item Code:. Our price:.

gx160 honda engine

List price:. Default Title. Add to cart. Manufacturer Description:. Honda's GX series engines are legendary for superior reliability and performance.

All-round brilliance

And there's no doubt about it: the GX lives up to the legend. Lower noise levels, lower vibration, and lower emissions without sacrificing power output or performance. Related products. Item Code: Item Code: GXD Customer Reviews.

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Facebook Twitter. Clear filters. More Filters.The Honda GX engine is ideal for agricultural equipment, air compressors, chippers, shredders, hammer mills, generators, go-karts, pressure washers, pumps, small construction equipment, reel-type lawn mowers and more. Precision camshaft design offers precise valve timing and optimal valve overlap for better fuel efficiency.

Thanks to its sophisticated components, light weight, and noise-reducing materials the GX has reduced mechanical noise. The GX is fitted with a simple throttle control, large fuel tank and an easy to use, heavy-duty control box. What are you looking for? Help Me Choose download brochure. Features Efficiency Precision camshaft design offers precise valve timing and optimal valve overlap for better fuel efficiency.

Performance Thanks to its sophisticated components, light weight, and noise-reducing materials the GX has reduced mechanical noise. Design The GX is fitted with a simple throttle control, large fuel tank and an easy to use, heavy-duty control box.

Please select a model from the drop-down s below to view the specifications. Compare up to 3 models. Download PDF.The power rating of this engine is the net power tested on a production engine for this engine model and measured in accordance with SAE J at a specified rpm. Due to continuous improvement in product on the basis of market feedback above specification are subject to change with out any prior notice.

Mass production engines may vary from this value. Actual power output for the engine installed in the final machine will vary depending on numerous factors, including the operating speed of the engine in application, environmental conditions, maintenance, and other variables.

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Water Pumps. Lawn Mowers. General Purpose Engines.

gx160 honda engine price

Petrol Water Pumps. Kerosene Water Pumps. Diesel Water Pumps. HRJ K2. Inverter Series. Silent Series. Handy Series. Big Series. Mid Series.Honda GX gasoline engine 5.

gx160 honda engine price

Power output 5. Double silent and cyclone type Fuel tank capacity 3. We will inform you and tracking for you in time after shipped the order.

Feel free to contact us if you have any problem to use the machine when you received it. Shipment time: days after received the deposit. Power 5. It has a group of well-trained skilled technician and has owned advanced production line equipments. Honda Gasoline engine 5. Power Low Noise and High Frequency 5. Sample order 3. We will reply you for your inquiry in 24 hours. If you have any questions about the problem, contact with us, we will offer the solve way for you.

gx160 honda engine price

With Owners Manual in it,Standard colorful carton is available, ready for retail. During that period,if some breakdown easily spare parts need to change,my factory offers free. Gasoline engine OHV engine power 5. Best Price!!! QC diesel engine for fire fighting pump set. ISO certification are approved 2.

Portable compact open structure 6. Patent designgood appearance and function;Advanced technology. Honda type Gasoline engine 5. GX carburetor Honda engine parts. Supplier Types. Trade Assurance Supplier. Product Types. Ready to Ship. France 1. India 4. Indonesia 4. Panama 1. Poland 1. Taiwan, China United Kingdom 1.I have nothing but great memories of this trip and recommend Nordic Visitor to my friends without hesitation.

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gx160 honda engine price

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